"Parus" Business Class Residential Building

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We mount the new standard for selected real estate

"Parus" Business-Class Residential Building– a high-altitude leader of comfortable luxury housing.

Luxury apartments in the center of Minsk - it’s not only located in a prestigious area of the Belarusian capital, but it’s an impressive cost and a way to emphasize one’s own social status and belonging to high society.

The true residential luxury real estate - first of all it’s the most advanced building technologies, advanced engineering equipment and perfect quality of decoration work, reliable security and advanced service infrastructure. But most importantly, selected immovable properties must create a feeling of a comfort and the highest quality of life, without them, real estate become for owner like a way to invest.

When was creating "Parus" residential complex, "ITERABELSTROY" company had made the most efforts, that luxury apartments in the "Парус" residential complex couldn’t be like another new capital’s project, and it became the place where you want to live!

"Парус" Residential building business - class is a part of the full service business center (within the boundaries of streets M.Tanka, Timiryazeva, Kalvariyskaya). It includes modern offices, a hotel, a shopping and entertainment center, restaurants, cafes and a lovely park area will make this part of the city center of one of the most prestigious.

Already has started selling luxury apartments, penthouses and offices.

We offer you luxury apartments in the center of Minsk, which have no prototypes in Belarus..